About us

About us

Thank you for showing interest about who we are.

First off let me mention, this about us, is really "about me". I am the owner of the patented "Miracle Products".

My name is Christina Clark. I am a licensed wildlife rehabilitator located in the State of Ct and have been licensed since 1995. My specialty is the "Squirrel", though I have raised many different species of birds and mammals both domestic and wild over the years to include farm animals. Over the years I have become an educator in the world of wildlife rehabilitation through the internet and also speaking at many conferences and in most cases my services have always been free. My thought, we have to share and teach to the best of our ability so we can all same these precious animals. 

I started a business called "Chris's Squirrels and More, LLC" back in the year 2000. The domain name for the above is www.squirrelsandmore.com.

Initially when I started that business, which still exists, my intention was to sell rehabilitation supplies at wholesale or close to wholesale pricing so that rescues like myself could afford to do rehabilitation of animals while on a budget. The above business still operates with the same thoughts. 

How the "Miracle Nipple" came into existence.
While myself, always feeding orphaned animals never had much success with nipples that were on the market, after several years of thought I created a nipple that I felt would be most like mom. I studied my babies, how they suckled, and what needed to happen to recreate mom. I designed and patented the "Miracle Nipple". The "Miracle Nipple" has been proven to be "The Next Best Thing to Mom". I feel as a human, a caregiver, and person that cares about the people that are trying to save the many animals in this world. That this is the best thing that I have ever done in my life to help the human race and the many animals in this world.

Not only am I a wildlife rehabilitator, I am a mother of two, been married to the same man for 38 years. I presently have 20 goats on my farm, 9 which are kid goats. We use goats for brush removal, though they are meat goats, we do not eat them nor do we sell them for meat. I have 140 hens and we sell fresh eggs on our farm. I have a 19 year old miniature horse, a 5 year old mini donkey, and a 9 year old quarter horse. My horses are pretty much lawn ornaments, I love having them and enjoying their company. I also have a wildlife clinic that is currently housing 18 squirrels in rehabilitation. Yes, like most of you. I am an animal person!

The Miracle Nipple Brand and the Miracle Oring Syringe Brand is located in Somers, Ct. USA 
All Miracle Brand Nipples to include all packaging is made in the USA
All Miracle Brand Oring Syringes are made in the beautiful country of Denmark

I hope this "about us" has helped you to understand who we are.


Christina Clark