Authorized Sellers/Retailers of the Miracle Brand Products

You have arrived at the home of the "Miracle Brand Products".
It has come to our attention that our federally registered trademarks are being used without our permission in the marketing and sale of nipples and/or syringes. These counterfeit Miracle branded nipples and/or syringes are not being manufactured according to our standards and we in no way endorse, sponsor, or are affiliated with the counterfeit manufacturer, distributer, or seller of these nipples and/or syringes. These counterfeit nipples are being manufactured in China and may be made with unsafe, unregulated materials. For a listing of endorsed distributors/retailers of the MIRACLE ORING SYRINGE® brand of syringes and of THE MIRACLE NIPPLE® brand of nipples please see the list below. Our Miracle Nipples are made 100% in the United States of America and we are very proud of that. Our nipples are made of a Natural Rubber. Please do not be fooled by inferior, unknown materials, and unreasonably inexpensive fake nipples currently being sold on third party websites.
We want to protect you so that you can protect your animals. 
The only authorized Amazon Sellers at this time under the name on Amazon is "MIRACLE BRAND PRODUCTS".  We have done this in an effort to combat the counterfeit issues on Amazon. We do not sell on Ebay, Walmart or any other third party website at this time. If you see the "Miracle Brand Products" on any of those websites than we cannot garentee the authenticity of the products.  Any purchases made on Amazon directly that are not purchased from the seller "MIRACLE BRAND PRODUCTS" we will not be able to garentee authenticity. All Miracle Nipples now sold on Amazon by "Miracle Brand Products" will have a label on the upper left of every package. This label will also appear on packages that you may purchase through our authorized resellers. This label is an authentication label. Please look for this label on your packages to be assured that you have purchased the real deal. Please download the APP called "Transparency" from the Apple Store or Android Store. This APP will allow you to scan the "Transparency Label" to prove authenticity.

We do regret that there are unethical companies that are copying great products and we can assure you that we are taking every possible step to be sure that our customers recieve our legitmate, Patented, and Trademarked Miracle Brand Nipples. 
 Our Miracle Nipples and even our packaging are made 100% in the United States of America and we are very proud of that. Our nipples are made of a Natural Rubber
USA Distributors
Ph: 860-749-1129
Somers, Ct.
Ph: 860-749-1129

Revival Animal Health  
Ph: 800-786-4751

Squirrel Store
Alabaster,  Alabama
Ph: 205-664-0775
International Distributors

Copper Hollow - Canada
Ph: 780-719-5305

Melk Voor Dieren - Netherlands
Ph: +31 (0) 6 245 257 34